Monday, September 29, 2014

12th AAA War Diary : September 26 - 29, 1944

There is a continuing mystery regarding Daddy's service that we have not been able to figure out. In the date book that he kept during the war, he has noted that he flew from Peleliu September 26 to Manus Island, then returned to Peleliu on the SS Mintaka for the remainder of the war.  This is a pretty detailed account, and we are certain he kept up with the dates so don't think this could be wrong.  However, there is no documentation on the muster rolls (we may not have complete footnotes) or nothing mentioned of parts of the battalion leaving Peleliu on the Unit Diary.

I have been under the assumption that he transposed the letters "l" and "e" and that the C-46 was actually named "Little Angel", which leads me to think it was a Medivac plane of some sort.  Again, nothing in his official medical records indicate that Daddy was wounded in any way, or was given medical care to this degree.  Nothing to indicate any serious medical condition or "battle fatigue" (PTSD) or anything other than malaria in his medical records (which the dates don't correspond to September 26, 1944.)

So, more research is in order.  I hope that one day me and/or Mama can figure this one out and I can update the blog accordingly.  In the meantime, I will keep posting about the 12th AAA and Daddy's service.